Kerri Lisa is a 'Gallery Girl'

Former RVC native to be featured on Bravo reality show.

Rockville Centre native Kerri Lisa is moving up in the world, and you can watch it happen.

The 20-something Manhattanite’s childhood home began in Rockville Centre. It was there that her love of art was born. Starting Monday, she will be featured on Gallery Girls, a new Bravo reality series focusing on the competitive New York City art scene.

“It’s about seven young women, post-college, living in New York, trying to find their way and (fighting) for the careers that we all want,” Lisa said of the show. “The backbone of it is art. We all, in some way or another, are incorporated into the art world. There is someone for everyone to relate to. (It gives you) a glimpse of what it’s actually like to live in (New York City).”

Before attending Sacred Heart Academy in Hempstead, Lisa attended elementary and middle school in the Oceanside School District. Like most Long Island transplants, it doesn’t take long for Lisa to bring up her favorite childhood hotspot. 

“Every summer, I spent every single day at the beach,” she said. “That’s what I loved about being on the South Shore of Long Island. We belonged to the Malibu Beach Club. I have a really big family and we all lived within 40 minutes of each other.”

Lisa fell in love with theater arts while she was attending elementary school. She spent fifth grade juggling school and a part in The Wizard of Oz in New York City.

Gallery Girls will follow Lisa as she does some juggling of a different sort. While working full-time at a lifestyle management firm, she also completed an internship at a New York City art advising company.

Lisa said that the show will shed light on the struggles and issues involved in maintaining a certain lifestyle in the big city art world.          

As part of her job at the lifestyle management firm, Lisa focuses on booking art excursions for her “high network” clientele. 

“A lot of our clients collect art,” she said. “If they’re looking for a certain piece, want to go to an event, or want to know what’s going on around town, we make all of that happen for them.” 

Lisa said she believes that her time with the art advisor will enhance her abilities as a lifestyle manager. 

“I needed to gain more experience and learn about what was out there,” she said. “Not just the galleries, but everything else that makes up the art world.”

Lisa said she hopes that the show will further enhance her career goals. Eventually, she wants to start a company that owns and operates world-wide art boutique hotels.   

Gallery Girls premieres Monday night at 10 p.m. on Bravo. Lisa knows that her life is bound to change once her story hits the small screen. But, like everything else in her life, she is ready for the challenge.

“I’ve always been a really outgoing person,” she said. “I love connecting with people and I hope that I can inspire a lot of people to go out, do what they love, and follow their passions.”      

Kel September 29, 2012 at 03:21 PM
Kerri is SO annoying! I am so sick of hearing about how busy and crazy her life is!


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