Jordan Lauterbach
Before joining Patch in May of 2010, Jordan Lauterbach spent his life in sports radio. As Sports Director at WCWP-Brookville, Lauterbach served as play-by-play man for C.W Post Pioneer’s football and women’s basketball. He also hosted a daily sports talk show.
This is Jordan’s second turn covering Syosset High School athletics. While attending the school from 2002-2006, he covered the Braves for the Syosset-Jericho Tribune and the Syosset Advance. He also briefly wrote for the schools newspaper, The Pulse. Although active in the journalism community in high school, Lauterbach spent most of his time working as Sports Director for the school’s radio station, WKWZ-Syosset. It was in the tiny basement offices of the station that many of his finest memories reside. Of every place he’s worked, he learned the most from working there. While at WKWZ, he served as play-by-play man for Braves football, basketball, and baseball, as well as hosting a weekly sports talk show. Lauterbach’s credits also include two summers as an intern with 1050 ESPN radio. In his spare time, Lauterbach enjoys watching sports and reading John Feinstein books. He can also recap, in great detail, almost every episode of Seinfeld.          
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