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Village Update: 70 Percent of RVC Has Power

Friday afternoon update shows most power will be restored by Monday.

Of the more than 70 percent of village residents who lost power during Hurricane Sandy, 60 percent have had power restored.

Village spokesman Jeff Kluewer confirmed Friday afternoon that the electric department is working hard to have power returned to all residents as soon as possible.

"They should by the end of the weekend, and certainly by Monday, have most people restored," Kluewer said. "The 'most' means what's going to be leftover will be pockets of people on very damaged circuits that no many people are on, so they're saved until last."

The 60 percent restored represents a 20 percent increase as to where the village's electric department was as of late Thursday evening.

Kluewer also said that the Monday estimation for full power restorage is still accurate.

"Large sections of the village are being restored to power and will be through the day," he said.

Kluewer said the traffic advisory is still in effect, stating that certain intersections are still without power and are very dangerous, especially at night.

"People should come to a full stop if they come to an intersection where the traffic control lights are out before proceeding," he said.

Rockville Centre Patch will have more updates from the village later Friday afternoon.

waaaawaaaaawaaaa November 05, 2012 at 05:08 PM
Stolen comment from another article that is clearly more appropriate here!: I just jumped on here and cannot believe how insane some of the people posting here are!!! Like a bunch of crying spoiled babies!!! It was a massive storm, many houses, power lines were damaged. Did you really think it would be fixed in one day?! With the severity of the storm I'm impressed that it was repaired in one week! Get over it you wimps! Take a trip to island park, Oceanside, and long beach to see something to cry about! Amazing!
megK November 05, 2012 at 05:22 PM
Tonight's village Board Meeting starts at 7pm. The briefing is at 5:30pm. I hope those of you who speak up on the Patch will speak up to our elected officials about the way RVC handled Super Storm Sandy. *IMPORTANT* Tonight's village board meeting will be discussing a MAJOR zoning issue affecting residents on the SOUTH SIDE about a possible APARTMENT being built. This may affect you! To JoeBush: Mayor Murray, Nancy Howard, and Michael Sepe (the RVC United ticket) still have another 2 more years until reelection.
NoJustNo November 05, 2012 at 05:34 PM
This would be relevant but it's not. If you didn't expect your house to be destroyed in a hurricane and you live on the water, then you must have something seriously wrong with you. Here, where the damage wasn't so bad, I expect the damage to be repaired MUCH more quickly than in places where homes burned to the ground, etc. "I am genuinely surprised that houses on the water were destroyed," said absolutely no intelligent person, ever.
joe thrapp November 05, 2012 at 08:36 PM
The trustee that gave the the deciding vote to exceed the two percent Tax Cap is up for reelection in 2013. You can thank trustee Glynn for raising the villages taxes to 7.89% this year. He is the first of the inexperience trustees to go. Like Governor Christie says" I may like the man but if he is an incompetent then I have to call him an incompetent". Trustee Glynn tick tock.....
rvcguy November 06, 2012 at 01:47 PM
Just curious. RVC proudly boasts of having the largest volunteer fire department of hundereds of people which I do respect. How come some of these guys could not do some safety traffic control at the dangerous corners? Take the pressue off the cops? They ask us for tens of millions of dollars just a short while ago, don't ask again. Volunteer fire department does not translate to free fire department. A suggestion, next time instead of buying a $250,000 'chief' car, buy some back up generators to the rec center and have a back up supply of gas so people don't have to risk their lives with lack of power and have shelter. This isn't rocket science.


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