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Mayor Murray: State of Emergency Still in Effect

More than 70 percent of residents lost power during Hurricane Sandy.

Rockville Centre Mayor Francis Murray released a statement Wednesday afternoon in regards to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in the village.

More than 70 percent of village residents under RVC Electric lost power due to the storm.

According to village spokesman Jeff Kluewer, a time has not been determined as to when all power will be restored. The current amount of outages was not available.

Here is the announcement from Mayor Murray in its entirety:

This is an emergency message from the mayor of Rockville Centre, please listen closely to the following announcements.

Rockville Centre's state of emergency is still in effect. Sandy was the worst storm in the history of our village and we ask your cooperation in the following areas.


More than 70 percent of our residential customers lost power due to the storm. Our workers, aided by crews from out of state, are working diligently to restore power. Circuits affecting the most customers are generally repaired first. We cannot estimate when individual areas, streets or customers will be restored to power.


Rockville Centre water is safe to drink. Because of storm-related problems with the county sewer system, we ask that you save water for essential purposes like cooking and hygiene. Do not use water for lawns, laundry or dishwashers. Turn off your sprinkler system, take brief showers and limit your toilet flushing as much as possible.


Most streets light are still out. Many traffic control lights are not working. Please don't drive unless absolutely necessary. In order to aid our cleanup and power restoration efforts, and to ensure access for emergency vehicles, do not park on the streets.


Because of the continuing state of emergency and the extensive public safety hazards, the mayor has order that trick or treating on Rockville Centre streets is canceled for this year.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work our way out of the devastation caused by this storm.

CT November 01, 2012 at 08:29 PM
We were told by RVC Electric that our building had its power restored yesterday (the 31st). I race home from work to take in my relatives from Long Beach whose house is uninhabitable, only to find that the power had NOT been restored. When I called RVC Electric, their answer was to tell me that power was restored, to which I replied, "Then why is everyone in my building sitting in the dark?" They had no answer other than to say that it was fixed, and they'll send a crew out "at some point" to fix a transformer that had already been "fixed." I don't mind having an outage so much, but the fact that a downed power line is still sitting in the middle of the road and the lack of correct information makes an already bad situation even worse. I was also told by RVC that our feeder was serviced through LIPA. I asked if I should be reporting outages to LIPA or RVC and I got a very confusing, non-committal answer. Get your act together!
jeanne November 01, 2012 at 10:06 PM
Not everyone on the north part of RVC has power, we are out since Monday too
Kerry c November 01, 2012 at 10:25 PM
Agree about the north side of town. Saw three trucks In Old and new Canterbury but not one yet over near sshs. Plus there aren't even trees down in my area. I am so cold and frustrated.
Rjm November 01, 2012 at 11:33 PM
It's the same old story whether it's a blizzard or a hurricane the south side is ALWAYS the last people to get serviced!! We pay the same high taxes but because we're the so called "blue collar" side of town we get looked over every time and it's disgusting. It's freezing out and we have kids and elderly people with empty refrigerators and this town could care less. We must have all called Rvc electric dozens of times yet every time we called we got oh did you report this yet??!! A bunch of morons! So sick of this town
FF Sullivan November 02, 2012 at 04:08 PM
No power on Hamilton between Morris and Hempstead Ave. Small area w/o power since Tuesday. Any updates?,


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