RVC PD Undergoes Glock Firearm Training

Course certifies officers on how to maintain and repair Glock pistols.

Rockville Centre Police officers recently received firearms training to upgrade their glock acumen and update their weapons certification during a course held at the Rockville Centre Recreation Center.

The course, led by employees of Glock Professional, taught sworn law enforcement members how to repair and maintain glock firearms.

Police Officer Paul Pope, the senior firearms instructor for the Rockville Centre Police Department, under the direction of Rockville Centre Police Commissioner Charles A. Gennario, hosted the one-day Glock pistol armorer course at the John Anderson Recreation Center in the end of July.

Police officers from the RVC PD, Nassau County Department, NYC Sheriff’s Office and other local law enforcement agencies attended the program, and all attendees passed the course, receiving a three-year certification to repair Glock firearms.

The course re-certified some of the Rockville Centre Police Department’s pistol armorers, who maintain and repair the entire departments’ duty and off-duty pistols under the supervision of Lt. Kenneth Schaefer.

The members of the RVC PD currently carry Glock 21SF handguns chambered in .45 caliber. They were acquired in 2011 when the department switched over from 9mm Glock handguns. The department has maintained its own weapons since the 1980s.

This information was submitted to Rockville Centre Patch by RVC Police Officer Paul Pope.

joe thrapp August 22, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Oh, that's great. It makes sense that our police patrol has this type of training. Let's see the Glock21 holds thirteen rounds of .45ammo. This is the same gun used by many US tactical police units including the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team. It's design is for maximum killing and wounding potential. I think our police patrol do a great job. Personally, it scares me that such a peaceful village needs a gun with such a killing force and that all members are issued this tactical weapon. I would feel safer knowing that our police patrol were taking lessons on how to effectively disarm people with more physical force and less deadly force.
Harvey Goodhart August 22, 2012 at 09:05 PM
There is no such thing as a guaranteed peaceful village anywhere in the world today . Wake up. I'm sure that the cops wives and families want to see them at risk with your thinking. Police forces and cops all over this country do not want to use deadly physical force if their is an alternative. You might not believe that but do you think a cop, killing someone would want to go through a grand jury and the many investigations they have to. You are just more proof that non Police personnel know nothing at all when it comes to police procedures and experiences. There is not one cop movie or TV show that accurately shows anything that happens in the real world, including "cops" and worst of all "law and order". But the enterainment is good.
Ernie Johnston August 23, 2012 at 12:33 AM
Have you been living under a rock? Our cops need the best fire power available to stop ANY threat.
Frank August 23, 2012 at 02:22 PM
The best defense is a serious offense. AND BTW, when have you even heard of a RVC police officer ever shooting off a round in the Village? With the sole, salt rubbing into a wound, exception being OMC, there is very little gun violence in the rest of the village.
joe thrapp August 23, 2012 at 05:29 PM
@Harvey, I know what concerns me. The idea of every RVC police patrol officer having a tactical weapon scares me. In the US statistically one person per day dies as the results of Police actions . This number does not include the number of police on police shootings, inter-agency shootings and the actions of retired law enforcement retiree shootings resulting in death. I do not claim to be a law enforcement agent. I don't believe anyone who is a law enforcement agent has the answer about using guns in police enforcements. I believe they are to emotionally attached to the history of using guns and from every patrol officer to Chief of police that I have ever met they are gun centric. I personally believe that a police presence in a high crime area with special police having guns, not all police being armed reduces crime and shootings. In our village two police patrol officers standing on North Centre avenue and walking patrol in the downtown along Village and Park Avenues is a more effective way of managing crime in RVC. The training of police patrol officers to first use physical force during a crime, reacting to a person with a physical object is better than using a gun. There are several ways to disarm a subject with out using a gun with the proper training. People who have guns have a higher risk of dying from guns. Attempted Suicides where there is a gun involved have a 90% death rate, attempted suicides where a gun is not used have a 90% chance of living.
Frank August 23, 2012 at 05:53 PM
But joe, when have you ever heard of a RVCPD officer firing off a round in the line of duty? Name one instance in the last 10 years.
joe thrapp August 23, 2012 at 11:51 PM
@Frank, your right I have never heard of any RVC Police Patrol firing their guns. That is very commendable. I hope they never have too. I am just concerned about the fire power and the possibility. The RVC Police Patrol are a very good and cautious Police Department. Have a good night.
Adam Johnson August 24, 2012 at 07:57 PM
@joebush, Did you see the shooting that happened this morning in NYC ? Did you know that the bad guy who did the shooting had a .45 caliber handgun? Here's the quote from NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly: "Surveillance video footage shows Johnson reaching into a bag, pulling out a .45-caliber pistol and pointing it at officers, Kelly said. The officers drew their weapons and started firing, killing Johnson, Kelly said." If the bad guys on the street carry these "tactical guns" as you say they are, why shouldn't our police be carrying them? And yes, you have no training, knowledge, or expertise in firearms, so your post is strictly OPINION. If you knew anything about ballistics, you would know that a .45 cailber round has less penetration than a 9mm round, but your untrained thinking is that bigger is more dangerous. As a village resident I AM GLAD our police have these weapons. Keep up the good work Rockville Centre PD !
joe thrapp August 24, 2012 at 08:58 PM
Adam,first I want to say I hope all the wounded people that were shot recover and return to normal lives. This is truly a tragedy committed by a man who was not thinking correctly, for what reasons only God knows. This tragedy is exactly what I'm talking about. The two police officers shot the attacker using 14 shots, the attacker shot the victim using three bullets leaving one of his eight shots in the magazine. There were 9 innocent bystanders shot and wounded to varying degrees. Now by my calculations the untrained shooter could have used 4 bullets to wound the innocent bystanders, that means the trained police officers shot 5 innocent people. To me the untrained citizen I think this was a display of excessive use of guns by the police. I appreciate the police risk their lives to keep people like me safe and it is a very dangerous job and I support them. I do not support excessive force. I am not confused on ballistics. The velocity of a 9mm is greater than the .45 caliber bullet, but the wound ratio from a .45 caliber bullet is far greater than a 9 mm. So the problem is a person hit with a .45 caliber shot has a higher risk of dying and a lesser chance of living. This tragedy is just another example of why we need to take tactical hand guns off the streets. In my opinion the whole gun issue needs to be discussed in a non emotional environment by objective experts and not by emotional professionals who see guns as the only answer. Have a good day.
Frank August 29, 2012 at 02:56 PM
@ Joe. Yes gun violence is bad, but criminals are not limiting their firepower. Look at the Bloods drug bust in 2011 at OMC. Did you know they confiscated assault rifles from that FBI raid? Can you imagine the use of an AK on our streets. How could a Glock compare to a weapon that can spew 700 rounds a minute? This crazy trend all started with prohibition - cops chasing crooks armed with Tommy guns (500 rounds/minute .45 calibre rounds). Then, when we legalized alcohol once more, the tommy gun took a backseat. we were OK until the introduction of crack in the early 80s. The newly formed street gangs, armed with military ordance and weapons, were gunning down law enforcement with impunity. and those poor guys were armed with .38 specials. Do you know how much time is wasted trying to reload a revolver when under fire from assault weapons? Ask any beat cop in the 80s for the clever response. http://www.chron.com/CDA/archives/archive.mpl/1988_554603/police-being-outgunned-by-lawbreakers.html Law enforcement needed a weapon to level the playing field... and IMO are still outgunned. Even to this day, gangs are "one up" on cops in the arms race, with rhino bullets, hollow points, Dragon's breath and exploding shotgun shells, etc. the list goes on. Until we legalize all drugs, removing the violent middleman, and ban all assault weapons, including semi-automatics, gun violence of the severity witnessed around the country will continue.
joe thrapp August 29, 2012 at 06:47 PM
Hey Frank, Gun violence is out of hand. I believe that local police need a squad or so of special trained police to handle gun crimes with tactical weapons. The raid on OMC was conducted by specially trained law enforcement agencies ATF, DEA and NCPD. They know how to handle this type of arrest where superior gun power is used. There is no amount of training that will teach police to use restraint when using guns in their normal course of doing their jobs. The attack at the Empire State Building is a good example of this. Nine innocent people were shot by the police. My point is if your first action in your job is to draw your gun the next action is to use your gun. I would feel better knowing that the first action in confronting a criminal is to use physical training to disarm non-gun carrying criminals. NYC police are trained to use guns and when discharging their weapons their instructions are to shoot in two shot increments. If this training worked there would not have been 9 innocent people wounded. Frank, I believe we are saying the same thing. Until guns are removed the police must be armed. I believe we need to give more training on gun use and limit the number of RVC PD police carrying tactical .45 caliber hand guns. Have a great day.
Harvey Goodhart August 29, 2012 at 07:05 PM
Joe, Again you got it wrong, no surprise. It's trying to hesitate after 3 shots, IF THAT IS POSSIBLE. Do you think in the heat of a battle you are going to try to remember if it's 2 shots or 3 shots or ten shots. Training is one thing but real life situations are another. Cops are not robots and that's something you do not understand at all.
Harvey Goodhart August 29, 2012 at 07:16 PM
I do not think any RVC cop has a .45 cal gun. No amount of training in this particular incident would have changed any thing. When are you realize that with your thick skull. The only person responsible for those bystanders being shot is the killer. I do not know why it's neccessary to describe them as innocent, they were never charged with a crime. Thank god most of those shot were hit with fragments. Also, in order to win in civil court, you must show negligence. However, I am sure the city will try to settle with them/
joe thrapp August 30, 2012 at 04:33 AM
Harvey, if the police cannot do the job of firing accurately without emotion, then they are in the wrong job. You seem like a pretty smart person. The killer killed his victim. The police killed the attacker and wounded 9 non-involved innocent, not responsible people who were the victims of ill trained emotional police who could not stop shooting to identify legitimate targets. They failed their training and they are responsible for their actions, not the killer. Maybe you should step back and see that it is training and consistency that works. People deserve, no demand the police do not shoot them. People like you who blame the criminal and not the professional police who in this case acted without restraint. In your world it sounds like the police are above all responsibility as long as they capture the criminal. The fragments from police bullets and direct bullet hits were the bullets that wounded the "Innocent bystanders", not the killer. Harvey, read the papers. the RVC PD were issued Glock21 SF with .45 caliber ammunition. Be careful out there, stand clear of criminals and emotionally ill trained gun handling police because according to you if you should get hurt it is always the criminals fault and not the police. Have a good night


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