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FBI Agent Saluted Upon Departure From RVCPD

Special Agent Carmine Esposito will leave RVC after nearly three years.

It's been close to three years since the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sent Special Agent Carmine Esposito to work with the Rockville Centre Police Department (RVCPD) to help rid the village of violent crime -- and now Esposito will say "goodbye" to the village that has become a home to him.

Esposito received a plaque from the RVCPD and a community service award from the village board at Monday night's meeting after it was announced that he had received a promotion within the FBI and would be taking his talents to Washington D.C.

Charles Gennario said that when he took over as commissioner of the RVCPD three years ago, he assessed some of the village's issues and realized his department could use some help.

"Not being a proud individual, I asked for assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and they sent me special agent Carmine Esposito and his partner," Gennario said. "Over the last two to three years, they have done unbelievable work in making our community safer. Carmine built a team of my detectives and FBI agents, and they just went out and tirelessly worked and worked and worked, and they have made a difference in our community."

Gennario said that over the last few years, Esposito and his team have seized cash, purchased illegal firearms and are responsible for getting more than 600 kilograms of cocaine off the street -- the commissioner jokingly acknowledged that not all of this took place in Rockville Centre.

"These were individuals that came into our community or were in our community that we eradicated," Gennario said. "... we have seen a substantial decrease in the amount of shootings we've had and the amount of drug activity. We still have work to do, but we've come a long way from three years ago."

Despite being a long-time FBI agent, Esposito fit into the RVCPD as if he had been working there his whole life.

"Let me just disclaim the business you see on TV with special agents from the FBI and cops not getting along," Gennario said. "Carmine came in and he fit into our agency like he was always there, like he grew up in this agency. The cops love him and he loves the cops, and they formed and forged a real good team."

Esposito has been promoted to supervisory special agent and is headed to the D.C. area to fly aircraft for the FBI.

"We hate to see him go, but he's done a tremendous amount of work for our community and a tremendous effort in making our community safer," Gennario said.

Esposito, a graduate of Columbia University and Fordham Law School, has been married to his wife, Joanna Esposito, for seven years. Joanna is also an FBI agent.


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