In 2007, two things happened that would forever change how I would see the dawn of each day. 
1. We became first time parents, to twins.  2. At the ripe young age of 45, I became a Stay-at-Home Dad. My life before children was an interesting journey in its own right. I was born and raised outside of Houston, TX and after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in animal science and biology at Steven F. Austin State University, I set out to pursue my childhood dream of working as an actor. Through persistence (and more importantly, luck) I was blessed with the good fortune of working as an actor for the past two decades. (for more info. on this chapter of my life see the Internet Movie Database @www.imdb.com/name/nm0694052/ ) In my more recent years, I have actively worked with kids of all ages through charitable organizations like ‘The First Tee’ and the ‘Make-A-Wish Foundation’. Two wonderful organizations made good by the countless hours of volunteers whose contributions in today’s society, without question, change lives every day. Charlie is currently a contributing columnist for Parents "R" Talking, Inc.
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