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Email: Alexandra.Zendrian@patch.com      Hometown: Elmont, New York        Birthday: November 24 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NewHydeParkPatch Twitter: @NewHydePkPatch Welcome video: http://newhydepark.patch.com/articles/welcome-to-the-new-hyde-park-patch Bio I'm a lifelong Long Islander, minus living on the college campus at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia for four years and a summer reporting internship with the Newport Daily News in Rhode Island. I graduated from Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia where I was struck with my love of journalism. After St. Joe's, I went to New York University and obtained a master's in journalism. As a reporter, I've covered local news, profiles and, most recently, small business news and finance. Before I came to Patch, I was a reporter at Forbes where I worked for the section called Intelligent Investing with Steve Forbes. I look forward to covering all of the issues that most matter to you. Please feel free to e-mail me with anything that you would like to see covered. Beliefs At Patch, we promise always to report the facts as objectively as possible and otherwise adhere to the principles of good journalism. However, we also acknowledge that true impartiality is impossible and human beings have beliefs. So in the spirit of simple honesty, our policy is to encourage our editors to reveal certain key beliefs to the extent they feel comfortable.  This disclosure is not a license for our editors to inject these beliefs into stories or to dictate coverage according to them. In fact, the intent is the opposite: we hope that the knowledge that our beliefs are on the record will force us to be ever mindful to write, report, and edit in a fair, balanced way. And if you, the user, ever think you see evidence that we failed in this mission, we wholeheartedly invite you to let us know. Politics My political beliefs are a little all over the place. I consider myself socially conservative but can be more liberal in other areas. Religion I'm Catholic. Local Hot-Button Issues One issue that has had an impact on New Hyde Park and other surrounding towns in the Long Island Railroad's third track program. As a former commuter who has had to wait for trains and had a very difficult time getting home the day of the fire near the Jamaica station, I can understand why the rail system needs to be improved and perhaps broadened. From the community's perspective though, I can see how doing work on these tracks affects an area deeply.
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