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Village Board News: Business Owners Honored, Field Bids In

Village Board also approved several contracts and conference trips for officials.

Three local business owners were honored at the Sept. 4 village board meeting for either upgrading their store fronts or for having an anniversary in the village.

Philip and Laura Hershkowitz, owners of Imperial China on Park Avenue, spent $140,000 to renovate their store, as well as the building. For their efforts, the village board honored the couple for helping beautify the downtown. Luca Miceli, owner of on Park Avenue, also paid for an extensive renovation to his business, for which he was honored by the Board as well.

Tom Mahoney, Sr., owner of on North Park Avenue, is celebrating his 40th anniversary in RVC, and was also given a proclamation from the village.

In other news, a check was given to the village to build a commemorative bench for village resident Sean Sweetman, a young boy who recently passed away. The money was collected from Sweetman's neighbors.

These action items were approved at the Sept. 4 meeting:

  • Professional services contract with Miller Environmental Group for inspection of the ammonia tanks at a cost of $39,848.
  • Professional services contract with Dvirka and Bartilucci for closure of garage bay drain at 110 Maple Ave. at a cost of $14,900.
  • Refunding Bond resolution.
  • Professional services agreements associated with refunding bond: NYMAC - financial advisor services - total of $19,300. Fulbright & Jaworski - total of $31,000.
  • Hold Harmless agreement for Boy Scouts use of Village's electric car.
  • New electrical inspector — Suffolk Bureau of Electrical Inspectors, Inc.
  • Attendance of Commissioner Gennario at the IACP Conference from Sept. 29 to Oct. 3 in San Diego, Calif. at a cost of $2,000.
  • Attendance of Lt. Romance at the Department of Homeland Security National Planners Course from Sept. 17-21 in Buffalo at a cost of $960.
  • Attendance of Assistant Fire Chief Bob Seaman and Chief Fire Inspector Mike Banta at the NYS Fire Marshals Association Conference from Sept.24-27 in Auburn, NY at a cost of $824.60.
  • Professional services contract with the Data Visualization & Management Services, LLC for 100 hours of services for grant writing at a cost of $5,500.
  • Professional services contract with Jeff Kluewer for a one-year period covering June 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013.
  • Resolution for 2012-13 Justice Court Assistance Program Grant from the Unified Court System.
  • SEQRA resolution for Skelos Field Bid and Molloy Agreement.
  • Resolution for three-month extension of All County Towing agreement commencing Oct. 1, 2012.

These bid were approved at the Sept. 4 meeting:

  • Purchase of two, 2007 Chevy Suburbans
  • 240 meters for the Electric Department, costing $12,672, and authorization to buy another 120 within the next year at a cost of $6,336.
  • New bid for Fireman's Field — bid amount was not specified.
  • New bid for Tighe Field, at a cost of 63,450.
  • New bid for Klein Field, at a combined total cost of $1,034,100.
joe thrapp September 07, 2012 at 06:33 PM
Who's paying for the $1,034,000 renovations to Skelos and Klein fields? If the Villagers are paying, we should not give any preference to Molloy College by adding more benefits to the original Skelos/Molloy/Village of RVC Agreement. Nobody at the Board meeting mention who the money is being paid to. They don't need to. I bet we all know who the money is going to C_M_R_N. Eng.... The same outfit that failed on the original Skelos Complex installation. The below article is from Patch March 7, 2011 regarding Tighe Field. "The Rockville Centre Soccer Club hosted its 40th anniversary celebration on Friday night at the St. Agnes Parish Center, and more than 100 residents shared dinner, drinks and laughs over the musical sounds of Jerry and the Newcomers. Overall fundraising numbers were not available, but all proceeds went towards the renovation of Tighe Field near Mill River." The village is paying someone??? $64,000 for Tighe Field renovations. Who's paying for this? the Residents or are the proceeds coming from the above fundraiser? It is a great tribute to the RVC Soccer Club fundraising activities in memory of Steve Tighe. The good use of that money should be promoted by the RVC Soccer Club
joe thrapp September 12, 2012 at 09:15 PM
I was just sitting here minding my own business. I read the article again about the Village board recap. It just dawned on me the article says:"New bid for Klein Field, at a combined total cost of $1,034,100". I really shouldn't be surprised since the original bid to the non-existing bid that nobody new anything about was improved by Mayor Franny down to $1,034,100. Since nobody new except Mayor Franny, I bet he got the winning bidder on the proposal that was never put out to bid down from $2,500,000 from an unknown engineering firm C_ _ _ _ _ N. Now this could be a miss print by the Patch, but you never know with Mayor Franny. This just might be another bid that nobody knew anything about except you know who and awarded to you know who.... "SEQRA resolution for Skelos Field Bid and Molloy Agreement."


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