RVC Election 2011: Murray Ousts Bossart for Mayor

RVC United Party sweeps election.

RVC United Party mayoral candidate Fran Murray, along with his running mates Nancy Howard and Mike Sepe, swept the village election Tuesday night, garnering 8,887 votes to the Concerned Citizens Party's 4,839 in unofficial results.

Murray will take over as mayor of Rockville Centre, as his father did more than two decades ago. "I think it was a very clean-run campaign. I thank [Mayor] Mary Bossart for all she did for the Village of Rockville Centre," said Murray, who garnered 3,011 votes to Bossart's 1,534. "Going forward, the people of Rockville Centre came out and voted for what they believed in, what they think should be right for our village for the next four years."

Howard (2,874 votes) and Sepe (3,002 votes) will take over the trustee seats occupied by Deputy Mayor Chuck Joyce and Trustee David Krasula (1,693 votes), who served on the board for the past four years. 

Howard said she felt that the RVC United Party had a better grasp on what village residents wanted. "I'm sure that the other candidates' heart and effort were in the right place, but I think that they didn't necessarily have a real sense of what the community really wanted," she said. "The community spoke to us early and that's what we ran on."

Sepe echoed Howard's sentiments.

"People want to vote for something," he said. "I think people want to vote for positive messages and for ideas and programs that will move the village forward."

Bossart said she was "disappointed in the results."

"I think it's a very tough economy and people would prefer not to have to deal with some very harsh facts — that's the whole story," Bossart said, speculating on the reason why she was voted out of office. "We can't have everything that we want all the time — difficult choices have to be made."

Results of the vote on the Rockville Centre Fire Department's proposed $21 million bond will be posted Wednesday morning.

Kevin O'Reilly June 25, 2011 at 03:01 PM
Ted, Ted, Ted, if case you have forgotten the thread started with your comments on Bossart/McKeon. You are continuing to deflect. You also are giving legal advice. Are you a lawyer? If not, I would suggest that you keep your legal advice to yourself. And finally, I have no plans on going away. People need to stay tuned and hold their politicians feet to the fire on all the promises they make. You as a "journalist" should realize that the first amendment is there for all, not just the people that win elections and their boorish supporters. Comment all you like, my legal counsel, I will still be speaking, as will many others, and you will not shut them up.
Kevin O'Reilly June 25, 2011 at 03:13 PM
Ted, unless you're a lawyer, follow your own philosophy and don't give legal advice. Put it where the sun doesn't shine!
Casey Jones June 26, 2011 at 12:38 AM
Concerned Citizen, are you suggesting that my peers and I were not taught respect? Are you also claiming that kids who graduated in 1971 were somehow superior to the kids of today? There was some awful behavior exhibited by folks of your generation as well. The way SOME of the youth of your day treated the WWII generation was disgusting, so let's not condemn all of today's youth and let's not deify all of the folks who graduated from SSHS in your day. I think that's fair....do we have a deal?
Interested Bystander June 26, 2011 at 12:40 AM
LOL Kevin you need to get a life. "Boorish supporters?" Your gal Mary took a thumpin. She got CRUSHED, Kevin. You seem to be calling 2/3 of the Village you live in boorish. Was that really your intent? Or are you just really angry that without Dean's Chicago style raising of the dead to get out the vote your gal went down in flames? I don't agree with Ted's sentiment that you should leave, however. The bitterness you wear on your sleeve is higly entertaining. Gonna be a fun 4 years.
Kevin O'Reilly June 26, 2011 at 07:56 AM
Delete Kevin O'Reilly 3:56am on Sunday, June 26, 2011 Not my intent as you well know. There are a number of boors in all groups. You obviously missed Teds boorish comments earlier about shooting someone's parts off. Does that not sound boorish to you? At least he had the sense to delete that part later and repost the rest of his comments. Or maybe it was a moderator that got to him. I don't think that it will be a fun filled four years but I hope I'm wrong about that! Interesting that you choose to remain anonymous. That says a lot


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