Mayor, Trustees Discuss Hurricane Response at Village Meeting

Board thanks department heads for their hard work and to the residents for their patience.

Rockville Centre residents packed the village hall court room Monday night to voice their concerns over Hurricane Sandy and to say "thank you" to the village departments for their service during the super storm at the board of trustees meeting. 

Rockville Centre Mayor Francis Murray and the board of trustees opened the meeting by thanking the heads of each village department for their hard work during Sandy and the residents of Rockville Centre for their cooperation and patience during the unprecedented aftermath.

“I want to thank all our residents for being reasonable, understanding and patient, as our workers, assisted by crews from out of state, have been working around the clock to clear our roads, put in new poles and repair our damaged electrical system,” Murray said.

“Our department heads and village employees worked day and night through the storm and its recovery,” Murray added. “All of our departments worked so well together that I want to thank them.”

The heads of each village department then got up and presented to the board. Among the highlights were the police, fire and electric departments.

Police Commissioner Charles Gennario reported that the Rockville Centre Police Department handled 4,100 calls since Sandy hit, with 600 of them being calls for service. Gennario reported that 12 arrests were made during the week of the storm.

Fire Chief John Busching said that the fire department responded to approximately 100 alarms and performed 800 well being checks on homes with no power since the hurricane. Busching was happy to report that no fatalities or serious injuries occurred during the storm to residents or fire fighters.

Electric Department Superintendent Paul Pallas said that all of the lights are back on in Rockville Centre, with a few exceptions of single services. At the peak of the storm, there were 8,000 customers without power.

When the board opened the floor to public comment, concerns were raised regarding the village’s restoration plan in the days after Sandy. A few Rockville Centre residents wanted reasons for why their areas were without power for so long and suggested that the village improve their communication systems.

Rockville Centre residents were also very appreciative of the village’s hard work and effort during the storm and made it known that they were happy to be from Rockville Centre.

The other hot topic of the night, besides Hurricane Sandy, was a public hearing on two re-zoning proposals at 62 Rockaway Ave. and 585 Merrick Road.

After residents from both neighborhoods spoke out against the proposals in fear that it would affect the neighborhoods negatively, the board of trustees decided to continue the public hearings at their next meeting on Dec 3. at 7 p.m.

Mikey November 06, 2012 at 08:25 PM
What was the village boards response as to why it took over a week to get the power back on to most of this village and what are they going to do about the complete lack of communication? Asking this so I can somehow better prepare for the Noreaster that is heading this way tomorrow with 30-50 mph winds and the prediction of rain and/or snow.
joe thrapp November 07, 2012 at 08:04 PM
Mayor Franny and his less than qualified 3 board members. Let's see the report card, storm damage traffic chaos.Franny's solution, send traffic cones and barriers to all major intersections. Risking the lives of all . How many traffic accidents?,in order to protect the three major gas stations in RVC. Franny sends all available 185K a year crossing guards (RVC Police Patrol) to ensure order. All the gas stations are located on State and County roads which should be patrolled by Nassau County and NYS trooper police. The Hess station not even in RVC but Oceanside. Try and get Franny to address a resident traffic problem on Oceanside Road and what do you get? not my problem COUNTY ROAD. I guess with Franny's voracious appetite for gas, he was able to cut the gas lines with FOF's and have the full protection of his 185K crossing guards. Traffic problems, check out how Franny takes care of his friends. The L eggs Dance studios move into 486 Sunrise owned by Franny's friend. They needed a zoning change with no traffic study and then break the Village code and get approval with no Village engineers inspection. The joke is Franny gave 250 of the 320 parking spots in field 12 to his buddy's NCHosp.and Molloy. No parking left for all the business opposite the field. A new friend needs a spot zoning variance at 62 Rockaway allowing development up to 15 units. If 62 is approved then all on Rockaway will be approved making room for up to 100 units. Mayor Franny's Queens for friends.
joe thrapp November 07, 2012 at 10:25 PM
"the board of trustees decided to continue the public hearings at their next meeting on Dec 3. at 7 p.m." Mayor Franny and the gang of three are being less than honest with the public once again. Franny has already approved the re zoning for 62 Rockaway behind closed doors for his friend. The next meeting is a sham. Franny want s to drag it out and when peoples interest wain they will pass it when no one is looking. They will declare a negative declaration on "unlisted projects allowing for no SEQRA review just like Centennial Park. and the light over at the High School. Franny and the three Amigos are dangerous. They told the village during meetings with the public in Feb and May they had not made a decision on the Skelos Sports Complex, Lister Field and Centennial Park, upgrading. They were not totally candid with the residents. When the Mayor was elected in June 2011 he meet with Drew Bogner of Molloy. They agreed on the plan. In October 2011 the mayor funded the plan with $74,000 to Cameron engineering. He signed an MOU with Molloy in Feb 2012, signed a contract in March 2012 with Cameron Engineering funding the total multi-million dollar project with no approvals. On May 23rd at a public meeting the Mayor and Deputy Mayor Nanny told 100 residents that nothing was agreed and purposely set out to deceive the residents. Worse they promised more meetings to get residential input. Sound unbelievable ask the Mayor. It's all documented and public information.
Stephanie November 07, 2012 at 10:49 PM
Reading this article about how well the village board and department head think this village ran during the week 40% of the village was without power makes me think I was living in another village. I never got a Swift911text, never got a call to my house, never saw any real info given on the website, unable to get thru to the Electric company for a week to ask when do they think the electric will be restored to my area given that I live in the vicinity of the Long Beach and Demott where the traffic light was out for an entire week, creating a dangerous intersection. I was told power was already restored over there. No it was not. Doesn't anyone from the village board or department heads drive around in times like this to evaluate the village? Don't say they were low on gas, we know who those were from the Board who cut the gas lines to fill their own personal cars. Guess there were big pat on the backs for each other at that meeting.
debbie November 10, 2012 at 07:08 PM
The RVC Police were horrible--sat on their duffs at the Police Station and when a call came in for a car stuck in the snow, their only response was "You can't park in the street". No offer of help to move the car. One Officer hung up on a resident who was in need--he was "too busy" to listen.


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