DISCUSS: How Did RVC Village Handle Sandy?

Super storm knocked out power for most of village.

It's been more than one week since Hurricane Sandy hit Rockville Centre and things are slowly returning to normal in the village -- save Wednesday's nor'easter.

Approximately 70 percent of RVC lost power during last week's super storm, with most power being restored by Monday.

RVC Mayor Francis Murray said at this week's village board meeting that he was happy with the way the local departments worked together.

“Our department heads and village employees worked day and night through the storm and its recovery,” Murray said. “All of our departments worked so well together that I want to thank them.”

Murray declared a state of emergency before the peak of the storm hit last Monday.

Residents have reached out to Patch with mixed feelings as to how the village handled the storm and its aftermath. Some feel the village and its departments acted as quickly as possible given the circumstances, while other feel there was a lack of communication from the village.

While some residents were in the dark for one full week, nearly 15 percent of the close to one million Long Islanders who lost power under the care of the Long Island Power Authority are still without power.

How do you feel the Village of Rockville Centre handled Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath? Tell us in the comment section below.

ANG11561 November 10, 2012 at 12:43 AM
I think the village was very fortunate not to have more damage look at our surrounding communities. i think they should hold businesses accountable for price gauging BEST WETERN almost doubled there price during the storm I understand need and raising a little but I put my mom up because she is from the south shore 179.00 for a dump. She stayed in the same exact room in the summer and payed 129.00 and with Molloy College my collegues stay and pay 99.99. Best Western come on!
Ali F November 11, 2012 at 11:45 AM
For a Village of this size, I don't think the response was adequate. A tree blocked Lakeview Avenue for days, which is a necessary access road for emergency vehicles. Likely delays for removing the tree were due to infighting between the county and village as to whose problem it really was. Answer: it was everyone's problem...stop the bickering and get the job done. Another home was left with a tree on the house and wire down. Electric company comes one day and says...we can't do anything about this because there is a tree on the wire. DPW shows up two days after that and says...we can't do anything about that there's a wire on the tree. Result? Stalemate. Really folks? Someone has to go first. Work together. The electric was out for far too long for far too many residents. Even with out of town crews that came in to work, there was no visible presence of repair crews in the late hours. None. I will credit the volunteer firemen who drove around and jumped out of their trucks with chainsaws in hand and cut trees out of roadways! That was a huge help and smart move. I saw an auxiliary cop driving around on his loud speaker blasting landscaping trucks legally parked on roads yet telling them to move. It would have been more useful if he was using his loudspeaker to alert residents to the status of the power outage and when they could expect power back. This is a small Village, coordination should be better. We deserve at least that.
Ali F November 11, 2012 at 12:03 PM
The 2011 Annual Report on Public Authorities in New York State was released which included Public Authority Staffing Information for year ending 2010 among other debt related detail. What is interesting is that Long Island Power Authority was reported as having the highest average employee salary in the entire state for all authorities that have staffing levels greater than 100. The average LIPA salary was reported to be $108,234 or 66% higher than the average salary for all state authorities’ salaries of $65,016. Compare this to New York Power Authority where the average salary was reported to be $87,552 or LIPA being 24% higher. As a final point LIPA reported 48% of it staff earns greater than $100,000 where NYPA reported to have half this percentage or 24%. I guess the question should be do we as ratepayers believe we are getting what we are paying for?….the best in the state?
Sara November 11, 2012 at 01:15 PM
@Ali F. Very well said. People keep saying we should think if the prople in Oceanside, Long Beac anf Island Park. They seem to forget that they sre mostly without power due to water. There was no flooding of homes that I sm aware of in RVC. For this village with its own power and DPW it was a disgrace it took over a week fir trees to be removed and power restored. I believe we do more taxes in this village compared to the others and deserved better treatment for doing so. Seems those saying we shouldn't complain got their power restored pretty early in the storm. And the lack of seeing anyone from the village board anywhere at anytime in my area will not be forgotten at election time.
debbie November 13, 2012 at 12:03 AM
Again, the RVC Police have been arrogant throughout this ordeal. They refused to help someone stuck in the street. Also, I received the same treatment. After I called, the Officer hung up before I could explain. They need a course in how to be courteous to residents !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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