Board Recap: Murray Talks Roxen Road, Schools Partnership

Mayor discusses his recent meeting with school officials addressing teen substance abuse.

Rockville Centre Mayor Fran Murray recently met with local school officials and RVC sports organization leaders to discuss solutions on how to combat the growing trend of teen substance abuse and subsequent violent behavior in the village, he said at the Sept. 4 village board meeting.

Murray said he met with RVC school district administrators, as well as St. Agnes, Chaminade, Kellenberg, Holy Trinity and Sacred Heart officials on how they plan to address the "anti-social behavior of teens and risky business that follows."

Murray's meeting with school officials was spurred by a where a resident was allegedly attacked by three local teens and put into the hospital. The incident sparked outrage from the community, who came out in droves to a July 16 board meeting to question how the board will deal with the growing problem of drunk, rowdy teens roaming the village.

The mayor said that the schools and village have joined in a cooperative effort to fight this problem together. "We share the common goal to stop violence and substance abuse in our community," Murray said.

He noted that even though the village and schools are unified in its efforts to end teen substance abuse and destructive behavior, there's still one more component needed for it to be successful.

"Nothing can replace engaged parents," Murray said. He urged residents and families to get more involved in the village's volunteer organizations, like the RVC Youth Council, RVC Youth Task Force and the Auxiliary Police Department. Murray added that future meetings with school leaders have already been scheduled.

Mindy Roman, a prosecutor in village court, also spoke about how the village court handles teens who are ticketed for violating village code ordinances. She explained that misdemeanors and felonies are not heard in village court, but village judges are "extremely vigilant" when it comes to handing out penalties for open containers of alcohol, being in the park after dark and disturbing the peace.

"No one leaves here with a minor slap on the wrist," she said. Roman assured villagers that these teens are "dealt with fairly and very seriously."

Assistant Superintendent Noreen Leahy and Athletics Director Carol Roseto of the RVC School District, spoke about an upcoming substance abuse and fitness walk at on Oct. 20 sponsored by the district's Drug, Alcohol and Violence Prevention Task Force.

Roseto added that athletes who violate the oath to not drink or abuse drugs, can and will be penalized by their coaches. If the violation happens out of the sports season, she noted, coaches have little legal standing to punish the athlete.

Rockville Centre Police Commissioner Charles Gennario finished the presentation by detailing the Sept. 10 meeting at Village Hall. On the topic of teen substance abuse, Gennario added that parents have to set a good example for their kids.

He recalled a story where a teen was caught with beer in his backpack, and in court, the parents explained that their child should get off without penalty because it was an illegal search by police. "What does that tell your kids?" he asked.

Gennario added that without the support of the parents to form the community triad — schools, government and parents — to help combat teen substance abuse, "it all fails."

slama6 September 07, 2012 at 02:39 PM
Your point was well taken. Sorry I missed the "levity". You have a good day also.
jack mckeon September 07, 2012 at 05:25 PM
Afternoon Ted (David): From the outset, permit me to convey my respects for accurately identifying yourself by name in your reply. I find it far more honest to do so being that it will generate a more objective, thought-out response (rather than subjective or just mean responses masked behind a fictitious nickname). Well done sir. I respect the community spirit and zeal of those who provide honest & objective opinions whether or not I agree; it's just refreshing when you know who you are talking to. The Police Commissioner - Chuck Gennario - runs a fine Department during these challenging times. The complex issues we face as a community resemble those of a small active city rather than a suburban village - this is what has changed over the past years. The county has similarly changed and RVC, located in Western Nassau County, is a victim of its geography more than anything else. We have a good crew who do a fine job under very difficult conditions. I can honestly state that Commissioner Gennario (also, a 30 year retired USMC Colonel who was mobilized during Desert Storm) is the right guy at the right time for Rockville Centre. However, like any "Good Marine" I have known, he hasn't attended many "charm schools" (I mean this as a compliment). As a result, we have a straight-shooter, no-nonsense police executive who speaks his mind, which I find very refreshing. I prefer straght talk when managing tough issues. Wishing you and yours the best Ted. Stay well, Jack McKeon
joe thrapp September 08, 2012 at 03:42 AM
Commander, I fail to see where anyone on this thread is disrespectful or hiding behind a fictitious name to the new Commissioner. Most people who comment on the Patch are well spoken, well researched and not dishonest. I think it's great to see someone of your military and police enforcement knowledge contributing to the discussions. I also look forward to reading Ted D. Glucksman's comments. Have a Good night, Mr.McKeon
jack mckeon September 08, 2012 at 07:34 PM
Afternoon Joe: very much appreciate your candid reply, and know that we are in full agreement. The overwhelming majority of those who contribute to "The Patch" are pure of heart and are doing their share to make a difference. I applaud those who care about our community and endeavor to objectively work the issues. We need more people to get involved and make a difference. I feel that it is our civic duty to do so, and I truly applaud and respect everyone who contributes, whether or not I agree with the opinion stated. I also recognize how difficult it may be for some of our citzens to honestly identify themselves. I am not judging (I understand the reasons), rather, wanted to publicly commend Ted for doing so. I remain grateful to Rockville Centre and all of its residents for permitting me to serve; I will always be grateful, and maybe I can still contribute in some small way. Looking forward ro many lively discussions Joe. Warm regards, stay well, Jack McKeon.
joe thrapp September 09, 2012 at 07:12 AM
Jack, I believe if you contribute to any of the Patch Blogs.It doesn't matter to me if people use fictitious manes like Ted David (Theodore Gluckman) or Slama6, Long Islander, ERsanity or Happy Daze or Jack McKeon. It is best done objectively, informatively and applied to an opinion based on a your logical premise. Opinions with out this kind of information become quite annoying. I believe if someone uses insults or curses to move their point forward then it should be ignored. I Know that Anthony and Matt monitor and warns the bloggers about using bad language. At times they band people from discussions after some people on this board use inappropriate language and misspellings, Keep your mind on the driving, Goodnight.Mr,McKeon


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