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Are You Happy Centennial Park Was Nixed From the Molloy Fields Project?

Take our poll and let us know!

Molloy College's to upgrade four village athletic fields, fit them with synthetic turf and build an additional one has been scaled down due to unexpected, additional construction costs, officials said.

The proposed NCAA baseball and hockey fields outlined in the project for Centennial Park were taken out of the plan because engineers found structural deficiencies in the ground underneath the park, officials said.

Are you happy they were taken out? Or are you upset those fields won't be upgraded?

Take our poll and let us know!

joe thrapp September 12, 2012 at 06:56 PM
I am very pleased that the project was rejected by Molloy College. Mayor Franny was not going to let any of the Mill River residents have any input. He was going to sacrifice the Mill River residents quality of life. Now he's doing it to the residents on North Village Road. He signed a deal with Molloy to expand their usage of the Skelos and Klein sports Complex. Mayor Franny did it all behind the Hollowed CLOSED doors of Molloy College's President Drew Bogne'rs office. I guess you have to look out for the people that put you in office. Mayor Franny never brought the issue up for public review, he never announced the possibility of this agreement before the September 4th Board hearing. The Mayor buried the approval as an action item with no Resident input only Molloy. "13. Approval – SEQRA Resolution for Skelos Field Bid and Molloy. passed" Mayor Franny all by himself decided there were no environmental,no traffic,no noise, no light, no effect to the PUBLIC RVC Athletic fields, no, no no issues for Molloy. The residents on North Village can just take this deal and stick it because Mayor Franny can do anything he wants. Keep watching Village Hall it can only get better


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