RVC Convicted Killers Sentenced to 75 Years to Life

Charles Parsley, 28, and Kasaun White, 29, both of Old Mill Court, were convicted in the murder of Sandra Hackley of Yonkers.

Two Rockville Centre residents recently a Yonkers woman and shooting her husband and daughter were sentenced to 75 years to life in state prison on Tuesday.

Charles Parsley, 28, and Kasaun White, 29, both of Old Mill Court, were found guilty in the second-degree murder of Sandra Hackley, 36, and the shooting of her husband and 12-year-old daughter.

Parsley and White were also convicted of second-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault and first-degree burglary.

 According to the Westchester County District Attorney's Office, in April 2010, White posed as a UPS delivery man to gain access into Hackley's Yonkers Avenue apartment building. When Hackley's husband, Rafael Cornielle, opened the door to accept the "delivery", authorities said the duo opened fire, fatally shooting Hackley and injuring Cornielle and their 12-year-old daughter.


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Authorities said the two gunmen fled through the front door of the building, out onto Yonkers Avenue, where witnesses saw them enter a dark-colored pick up truck and flee. A third suspect, English Thomas, 29, of Uniondale — who officials said was the getaway driver — is awaiting trial.

Authorities said they still do not know the motive for targeting Hackley.

joe thrapp June 28, 2012 at 11:24 PM
Lefty Louis. Today, If you commit a felony you lose your access government housing. I believe if it is proven you were involved in a crime at OMC you may lose you housing.
John Bush July 03, 2012 at 06:46 PM
Dont Blame OMC, Or Da-Roc' for the actions..of two. & SSHS has Nothing to do with this
John Bush July 03, 2012 at 06:47 PM
God Bless the victims & now convicted killers, God only judges
Chris September 09, 2012 at 08:29 AM
Hey Anthony it would be interesting to hear some stories about all the wild things that happen on your side of town. You know they call it the "village". It gets really weird out there too in case you haven't noticed. Plenty of drugs flowing around there by Kaseys or s. centre. Town is more corrupt than NYC. White kids got the green light to do whatever but don't be black driving on Hempstead ave. past 10 pm. By this time everyone should understand what's going on, gentrification! Botan, Sense, whatever they call you I'm pretty sure you have a grad. Degree so I would expect for you to cover more than one aspect of a story.
latisha salters October 05, 2012 at 11:05 PM
Its like that where ever u go. Thugs will be thugs ur absolutely right about that, but it damn sure doesn't have to do with bad parenting ok...... a lot of kids exspecially males grow up to do what they want....... if they actually had better things for them to do then maybe it wouldn't be like that....@ chris i feel the same way u do........ but they dnt put that bs in the air......


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