RVC Chief: Lakeview Avenue Fire Caused by Christmas Tree

Same home destroyed by fire in September 2011.

It turns out Wednesday night's fire on Lakeview Avenue may have been a result of the holiday season.

Rockville Centre Fire Department Chief John Busching said in a statement Thursday morning stating that "The cause of the fire [Wednesday] evening on Lakeview Avenue was determined to have started in the Christmas tree."

The fire, which took place at 82 Lakeview Ave., was the second fire at the residence since September 2011. Last year's fire started after what fire officials said was a short circuit in a television.

After Wednesday's fire, Busching has asked the public to make sure that their trees are watered daily, kept away from any heat source and not to use lights with worn or broken electric cords.

"People should always turn off tree lights before going to bed or leaving home," Busching said. "When the tree begins dropping needles it should be properly discarded."

Danielle O'Hanlon December 20, 2012 at 09:18 PM
Two major fires in two years.. uuuuuuuh, is it just me or is it possibly time to move, apparently either the house is possessed or God does not want them there... in either instance.. it's time to keep it moving!
craig hansen December 21, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Sad sad event in a seemingly happy time of the year. All this bad news around Christmas time is certainly dissapointing for my family and I. Here's an informative article discussing fire related injuries. http://www.eglaw.com/faqs/my-apartment-building-had-a-fire-and-i-was-badly-injured-what-are-my-rights.cfm
That RVC guy December 22, 2012 at 04:00 AM
Seems a little odd that the final determination of a possible arson investigation (two fires in one year?) was released within days of of the second fire. At the very least, a shoddy, rushed investigation. If this is the quality of Fire investigations we can expect in RVC, expect to see alot more "mysterious" fires in RVC...seems we have had more that our share the last two or three years.


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