Roxen Road Defendants to Appear in Court Wednesday, Thursday

All five defendants will head to Nassau County First District Court this week.

The five Rockville Centre teenagers who allegedly assaulted a resident on Roxen Road back in June are heading to court again this week.

William Moore, Matthew Diperna, Kevin Coyle, William Nelson and Nolan Kelly have all been charged with second-degree gang assault — a C felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Moore and Diperna, both 18, were arrested one day apart, mere hours from their South Side High School graduation. The duo will appear in Nassau County First District Court on Wednesday

Coyle, Nelson and Kelly will appear in court Thursday.

Coyle, 18, was arrested three weeks later at his home after the Rockville Centre and Nassau County Police departments discovered his involvement through a joint investigation. Nelson and Kelly, also 18, were both arrested on Dec. 27 after turning themselves in to the First Precinct in Nassau County.

According to police, the assault happened when the wife of the victim was walking her dog on Nottingham Road and was verbally accosted by five to eight young men. She ran home and told her husband of the incident, and the two drove around the neighborhood looking for the men to demand an apology.

They found the group on Roxen Road, which is where the assault took place, police said. Neighbors who heard the disturbance called police at 11:55 p.m. The men fled before police arrived and Nassau County detectives were called in to join the investigation.

The man was transported by Rockville Centre police to Mercy Medical Center where he was treated for broken ribs, multiple contusions and injuries to the face and jaw.

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John R. Lewis Jr., the attorney for DiPerna, told Patch in July that the his client is innocent and that the victim was responsible for the start of the physical altercation.

"It is my contention that the alleged victim was not looking for an apology, but started the physical altercation," he said. "... I believe these boys will be vindicated at the end of the day."

Rockville Centre Mayor Francis Murray spoke out after the incident, stating that he would not tolerate behavior like this in the village.

"I try to be a calm and reserved man, but I must admit that this outrageous assault has my blood boiling," Murray said. "I am infuriated that such a thing could happen in our village."

joe thrapp January 04, 2013 at 03:32 AM
Hello RVC, It's a great Christmas when the RVC Police Patrol can arrest two more of the RVC 8. Gang members who allegedly attacked a RVC housewife using explicit sexual language describing what they would like to do to her on that warm June night. Only later to have the gang attack her husband and send him to the hospital. The best thing that happened that night was a neighbor filmed the whole incident. It will be sweet justice when 5 of the 8 go to court and the prosecutor says to them, "Do you recognize anyone in the video". ? I hope the outraged Mayor Franny never sleeps again, until the Police Patrol arrest the 3 remaining gang members. One gang member lives right up the street from the Mayor. In order for our village to return to the civility before the June attack we need to insure that these men if found guilty do not walk, but pay, with a real consequence, like 3 months in jail and three years probation. It's only right that every time these gang members apply for a job for the rest of their lives they will have to explain their arrest. Then remember the night they changed the lives of an innocent husband and wife who set out to walk their dog only to find themselves in the emergency room of Mercy Hospital. 5 down 3 to go
AR1 January 04, 2013 at 01:55 PM
Joe Bush please explain to me how these kids are gang members? To what gang are they affiliated with? Until this alleged video is seen they are innocent until proven guilty. Isn't that how the law works in this country?
That RVC guy January 04, 2013 at 02:59 PM
AR1, according to NY State Penal Law, 120.06, Gang Assault in the second degree, these defendants, allegedly, acted as a "Gang". Within this particular statute, the term "gang" is defined by the actions and the numbers of individuals involved, not particular affiliation or membership.
joe thrapp January 04, 2013 at 09:43 PM
Hi AR1, I agree with you. These men are innocent unless proven guilty. I strongly agree with the law of the land. I believe it is wrong to pre-judge people accused of a crime. That is why I use terms like " who allegedly attacked" and " if found guilty". The reason I used the term gang is because that's how the newspapers reported the alleged assault. The term gang sounds like an accurate way to describe 8 men accused of attacking one man. In addition, the reason for severe punishment if found guilty is the 5 arrested men are accused of multiple charges including "assault with intent to cause physical injury with a weapon, a felony"., Felony convictions call for more than an at a boy and don't let this happen again. I also believe the reason that Lady Justice where's a blind fold is because all people regardless of race,color or creed are considered equal under the law. The law should not be discriminatory. Have a good weekend.


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