Pedestrian Fatally Struck in Baldwin

A 33-year-old woman was crossing Grand Avenue at the time of the accident.

A woman was killed while crossing Grand Avenue in Baldwin Wednesday night, according to Nassau County Police.

Detectives reported that Evelyn Ramos-Coto, 33, was crossing from west to east in a marked crosswalk, when she was struck by a 2001 Ford heading southbound. A 37-year-old man was operating the vehicle.

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Ramos-Coto was transported to an area hospital where she was pronounced by hospital personnel at 6:49 p.m. The vehicle was impounded for brake and safety checks.

Detectives report no apparent criminality at this time.

Just last week an 84-year-old pedestrian was killed crossing Merrick Road in Rockville Centre after he was struck by a tractor-trailer.

Bella Silecchia, MD January 31, 2013 at 06:17 PM
Why are there so many pedestrian fatalities / injuries in Nassau County for just trying to cross a street? As a driver in this county for over 20 years I have lamented often regarding the poor visibility on main, as well as side roads, due to the terrible lighting that exists on all roads which create shadows & totally dark areas from one steet lamp to another (especially when lights are obscured by the numerous trees lining the steets) & this is on evenings & nights when the visibility is good, forget when there is a mist or rain or even some light fog, which is often the case on LI. Crosssing streets that are very wide is another hazard not compensated for by adequate time to cross before lights change (eg, Sunrise Hwy, Peninsula Blvd, Hempstead Tpke & others too numerous to mention), not to mention the impatient drivers in this county who do not slow down at a yellow light & run right through red lights ( not to mention STOP signs which are totally ignored). I grew up in Brooklyn & have driven a car in many cities & countries & find that driving on Long Island is the most dangerous & hazardous of all ! Is anyone willing to address these issues. Perhaps we can start with lighting the streets & roads with light that actually illuminate the area being lighted without creating areas of alternating dimness & darkness to which the human eye, even with 20/20 vision & no corrective lenses has trouble in accomodating.
carmensaben1 February 01, 2013 at 11:15 PM
I was one of the first responder and I cant get her out my mind... My condolence to the family... Such a tragedy
Jennyfer February 02, 2013 at 05:44 AM
@carmensaben1 do you know how this happened ? Im one of her family members , /:


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