Nature Inspired Thanksgiving Table Settings

Instruction and information for a do it yourself design that everyone can handle.

If you're hosting Thanksgiving this year, creating a beautiful tablescape is important. You want the table to be decorative, but not overbearing. Here are a few ideas you can play around with for this season and they all embrace the beauty of nature.

Simple & Modern

For a modern take on the holiday, use lots of white so the table feels clean and fresh. White plates and napkins will do the trick. Silver instead of gold will keep this theme looking just right. By placing a plant or flowers in the middle that has white in it is the cherry on top.

See what on S. Village Avenue have on hand for flowers and plants. They could also have some nice decorate items to place them in. 

Rustic & Warm

There are a bunch of things you can do to create a rustic and warm feel to your holiday table. By letting the fall season guide you, it's clear how many elements you can use. Use natural textures and tones to bring out the harvest feel.

Create a still life of objects such as vintage books, doilies or fabric for texture, a few apples for that harvest touch and some leaves to celebrate the outdoors. Soon you will have a masterpiece.

Collect old antique jars, bottles and vases and place in the center of the table. Add some leaves, flowers and even fill some of the jars with dry goods such as beans for color. Get creative and see what you can come up with.

See what you can find at on Sunrise Highway to add texture and stop by the on N. Long Beach Road for some harvest goodies.

Delicate & Pretty

For a tablescape that evokes beauty in a delicate way, place a green leafy plant in the middle of the table that has a natural-textured pot as its home. Plants such as lemon verbana, clover and ivy work well. The table will be a nice backdrop to the colorful food you have made and won't make it feel stuffy.

The New Leaf and Garden Center should have a nice array of choices to pick from. From decorative items to plants, you will sure to find something.

A Natural Place Setting

For a simple and quick place setting, all you need is small branches, some twine, cardstock/paper, hole puncher and stamps or a pen. Just tie three small similar sized branches together with the twine, sort of like a teepee. This will be the stand. Leave about two inches of twine leftover before you cut it. Create a small tag, add the name of your guest and punch a hole in it at the top. Attach to the branches with the leftover twine. Cute as can be!

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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