Here we Go again REZONING 62 Rockaway

Developer ALERT 62 Rockaway
Developer ALERT 62 Rockaway

The Village Board over the opposition of the local residents is proposing a new Local Law 1406. This is after a town hall meeting where over 200 people spoke out in opposition. This law is a specific spot rezoning law to benefit one developer so he can build a 6 family residence in a residential A single family zone. This rezoning is customized to meet the needs of one DEVELOPER at the expense of all residents. I guess you can call this a TAYLOR MADE proposed new law. This proposed law will be reviewed without any environmental review. Nothing crazy not even a traffic study. IF you drive in the Village at the intersection of Park Place and South Park Avenue then you know that this is one of the most dangerous corners in the village. This development will add several cars to this very dangerous corner. The sneaky Board noticed the meeting by Section, Block and Plot never naming the 62 Rockaway address. Please check the Village website for the date in May when the board will try and pass this law on the quiet for the benefits of one and not the many residents of RVC.

joe thrapp June 02, 2014 at 10:20 AM
RVCMOM, you are correct. I just checked the RVC Village Hall website. It says,"1. Proposed RVC 1406 – 62 Rockaway Ave.-to be withdrawn". This is after the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor attacked and harassed the Hispanic residents living there. They told the Public they would continually monitor how the tenants behave and make sure they were honoring the RVC codes. The Mayor sent the Building Dept to inspect the tenants after celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Ms RVCMOM, there will be a lot of angry residents at the Village Hall tonight when they all go there for a meeting that has been withdrawn. Will the Mayor serve notice on Mr. Reilly to clean up his property and provide a parking area where he is required to provide two parking spots per family. Parking should be located to the rear lot of the front setback. No the Mayor will not send the building department to enforce the code on Mr. Reilly. He will continue to send building department personnel to harass and count the cars of these Hispanic tenants until .......
joe thrapp June 02, 2014 at 10:39 AM
Oh, The Mayor can introduce the bill again like he did in 2012.
joe thrapp June 04, 2014 at 01:56 AM
The reason it was withdrawn is because the Nassau County Planning Commission voted to decline the changes. Stating the zoning change did not serve the residents on several points. The Mayor and the Deputy knowing this, still said they would reintroduce this zoning change when every it came up.
RVCMOM June 04, 2014 at 05:29 AM
Thank you.


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