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Color Inspiration

Instruction and information for a do it yourself design that everyone can handle.

Color is an essential part of life. From its importance in art and design to fashion, it helps if we all understood it a little better. The first step is to find inspiration and then analyze how the colors work within a particular scheme. Lastly, knowing how the colors make you feel will allow you to create something extraodinary.

You can find inspiration everywhere you look. Don't take anything for granted. When you are running errands, stop and take in the architecture of the buildings around you. What colors do you see? Examine how the light affects the surface of the building. How do the tones reflect against the environment?

Look for inspiration at home stores such as  on Sunrise Highway and  on Merrick Road. Just walking down Sunrise Highway should be interesting, especially with buildings like whose sunny yellow and red details remind you of a sunset sky.

Nature can be the best place to find ideas. Since Mother Earth has created such a beautiful palette for us, we just have to take what makes us feel good and go for it. Blues, greens and neutrals are just the beginning. The seasons carry bright autumn hues, winter whites and flowers born with every color of the rainbow and beyond.

Look for color ideas at on S. Village Avenue and on Tanglewood Road.

Another way nature helps us in the color department is through food. Everything that grows from the Earth is unique. Depending on its nutritional contect and origin, veggies, fruits and plants provide an array of colorful ideas. The next time you make dinner try arranging the plate with style. Don't forget to take a picture!

Creating your own garden of goodies is a bonus, but you can also search for inspiration at the on Sunrise Highway and in the produce section of on N. Long Beach Road.

Wherever you find inspiration, it's good to start with one main color and then pick no more than three to compliment it. Keep saturated, bright colors to a minimum and muted; darker tones for backdrops. As long as they all come together in harmony, your project should be beautiful.

Alison D. Gilbert October 08, 2011 at 05:08 PM
Thank you Melissa. I enjoyed reading both about the inspiration of color and the local shoppes that can be a resource for that.


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