Bonefish ??

Has the village totally lost there mind? Are we waiting for a law suit? All this drama over serving lunch and a few parking spots. I can list 10 to 20 places that opened without any parking what a joke. To name one would be George Martins burger bar where is the parking for that?? Its along seaman Ave and Lakeview Ave in front of homes. We had an empty movie theatre there for like ten years, and now a modern beautiful structure to enhance the village. Rumor has it the meat store which has not been updated in the last 20 years is leading the pack of trouble. If we continue this action then every application for a permit should be held to the same standard. Please write a letter to the mayor or call his office at once. Another losing lawsuit like Avalon bay will only increase our taxes again, and be a waste of time. Being competitive is the name of the game, and will benefit all when we go for dinner.

joe thrapp June 02, 2014 at 09:33 AM
On George Martin Parking, In my opinion they misread the code. The ZBA hearing for GM was held on the same day the ZBA said that Bonefish did not need a variance because they were in compliance with the code. In GM they said that GM was within 200 feet of a municipal parking lot. They did not need the required 10 additional spots because the use changed from commercial retail to eating establishment. Here's how I know that the Mayor and the ZBA are so business friendly. If the ZBA applied the same 200 ft to Bonehead then they would not be required to add the additional 54 spots and not be required to secure variance. You see the Mayor and his boards apply what ever interpretation depending on what business they need to open. In my opinion the Mayor and the Trustees have lost my confidence and trust in any of their opinions.


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