Stepping Up and Taking the Blame

Taking a closer look at the Mets' recent struggles.

As the Mets relax on their off day today, I thought it’d be appropriate to look back at the last few games and see where things took a turn for the worse.

Blame Yankee Stadium all you want. Sure, Russel Martin’s homer yesterday was definitely of the “wall-scraping” variety, but the Mets blew numerous opportunities to add on. Their offense has been pretty clutch thus far this year, but those big hits just happened to be missing during the three-game sweep in the Bronx.

That’s not my biggest concern, though. I don’t care that the Yankees swept the Mets because a sweep stinks no matter who gives it to you. This team has a glaring weakness that has the potential to spread like the Plague and that’s the bullpen.

Who do you trust? I can’t think of anyone other than Tim Byrdak that’s been money this season. Bobby Parnell has the goods, but he seems to have trouble with consistency. Jon Rauch was good early on, but he has become less and less effective as the season has wore on.

I was excited when I heard Elvin Ramirez was called up, but it’s been a nightmare each time we’ve seen him. His inability to put the ball in the strike zone is something the team just can not deal with. Frank Francisco? He’s been better than his ERA would indicate, but he has “Armando Benitez” written all over him. PS, did you hear Benitez now plays for the Long Island Ducks?

Miguel Batista is journeyman long reliever, but he can not be counted on for a huge role in the ‘pen. Who do we trust? What do we do? This team has the worst ERA in the majors and Terry Collins is running out of options. It may be time for Sandy Alderson to pick up the phone and make a move because we need to improve that bullpen if there’s any hope of competition.

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Ed Rotondo June 12, 2012 at 06:16 PM
@Highlander - don't get me wrong, I like Wright, but if I can get a #2 and 3 starter for him or a #2 and a potential closer why wouldn't I take a look at the offers? I also didn't think I was cheering for the team that had the most people in the seats? I hope I'm wrong and they can start winning!
Frank T June 12, 2012 at 06:37 PM
Trading Wright for a #2 and 3 starter or a #2 closer would be a risky gamble at best. The Mets offense would be decimated without Wright. Those pitchers would have to pitch no hitters and complete games to win any games. The Mets do not have a great track record for choosing star pitchers ie Glavin and Martinez. Always too little and too late. Even Santana has been dissapointing with the arm injury and up and down performances. WIthout Dickey the Mets would be well under .500. Injuries have hurt the Mets again. Losing Baxter and gaining Bay hurts the offense.
Mr Dunes June 13, 2012 at 05:19 AM
Not many Left On Base Tonight...Nice Surprise :-)
Highlander June 13, 2012 at 02:49 PM
A #2 or #3 starter for Wright? That's like asking the Yankees for Nova & Kuroda...Is that a fair price for Wright? The Mets have the pitching waiting in the wings in Mejia/Harvey/Wheeler/etc. The pitching hasn't been quite as bad as the anemic offense (Bay, Davis, Torres, & pitchers spots). You can't win when those guys are pretty close to automatic outs every game. They're rally killers, not exactly murderors row.
SeanyA June 15, 2012 at 12:44 PM
Agree with Highlander. There is young pitching on the horizon. Also young players like Murphy (27), Thole (26), Nieuwenhuis (25), and Duda (26). Lets not forget Davis who is a good 1st basemen and will come out of this slump. He probably could use a few weeks in the minors but that probably moves Duda to 1st and Bay gets more at bats. I think Alderson is doing a decent job and Collins is doing a great job. They are patient at the plate and are making the pitchers work. At least they are fun to watch (except for maybe the Yankees series).


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