Rockville Centre Eateries Get Good Grades

Just six critical violations in Rockville Centre cited out of 86 inspections in 2013.

Nearly every eatery in Rockville Centre is in line with critical New York State health codes, reported the State Health Department in 2013

Of 86 health inspections performed in Rockville Centre in 2013, just four reported “critical violations,” according to documents reviewed by Patch this week.

Most restaurants in Rockville Centre reported non-critical issues with health standards, with four establishments reporting a critical violation of code. Just one restaurant reported two critical violations during their inspection.

Three establishments, TGI Friday’s, Gino’s, Blue Moon Restaurant, and Greek Town, were cited for food workers who did not use “proper utensils” to prevent bare hands from touching cooked or prepared food, said the report. Blue Moon was also cited for improperly securing food. E-W Delicatessen was cited for having cooked food that was subject to contamination from raw food.

The routine violations were noted in a wide range of local establishments. For example, many of these were evidence of food not being protected during storage, display and service. That's the equivalent of not tightly wrapping leftovers in your household refrigerator.

The findings come from routine inspections by various county health departments, which follow up with restaurants that reported critical violations.

Across more than 90,000 food service establishments statewide, the the State Department of Health's Bureau of Community Environmental Health and Food Protection guides county and city health officials who permit and inspect food service establishments, the agency says.

The bureau maintains Part 14 of the New York State Sanitary Code, including subpart 14-1 which regulates food service establishments. See this subsection for specifics on inspections.

You can access the entire list, and past reports, here.

With Joe Dowd


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