'Queen of 114' Leaves After 30 Years

Harbor Heights gas station manager Pam Kern says she's 'broken-hearted' over her decision.

From her post at Harbor Heights gas station for the past 29 years, Pamela Kern has been one of Sag Harbor's fixtures.

But, on Saturday, Kern left her job at the Route 114 gas station, after a disagreement with her boss. Her son, Dale Kern, who worked as gas attendant in the evening, is also no longer employed there.

Word spread quickly through the small village, and, by Monday, her friends began to rally around her. A Facebook page, "Friends of Pamela Kern," launched to show "the Queen of 114" how much she's meant to them.

On the page, Judith Wyche wrote: "No Pam at Harbor Heights is WORSE than a world without Twinkies!! Every time I come back to Sag Harbor I love seeing her hard at work...especially in December in her Santa hat! She's the only gas attendant I ever made sure I tipped! She's a TRUE Sag Harbor treasure!"

Tara Woodruff posted, "I am sure I won't be going to HH any more. It will not even be close to the same without Pam."

Reached at her Sag Harbor home on Monday morning, Kern said she was too upset for an interview, but said she was "broken-hearted" to no longer be at the gas station, where she was the gas station manager. "I thought I did the best job I could do. I thought I gave it 101 percent," she said amid tears.

Alluding to the argument she had with the management, she said, "I feel that I’m a bigger person than being treated the way I was treated Saturday morning . . . I've worked too hard, too long here to be treated like that."

Greg Miller, who leases the property, declined to comment other than to say that Kern walked out. "She had a job," he said.

Kern said her son was fired, but that she's the one who had to break the news, after her boss made the decision, because technically she was in charge of her son's position. She said her decision to leave was not directly related to her son's firing, but declined to get into details.

In May, she would have been working there for 30 years.

"I'm going to miss everybody. I hope I see everybody around, but there were a lot of people I just saw there," Kern said. She said she didn't know what she would do next.

Even if you didn't know her name, you knew Kern and her thick blond tresses by sight. She'd wave to cars she recognized as they travelled on the Sag Harbor to East Hampton thoroughfare. She was known to dress festively for the holidays — even donning a bunny's suit.

Kern grew up in Sag Harbor. Her father was on the village board for 25 years, and she also was in public office, serving on the Sag Harbor School Board.

The station owner, John Leonard, has an application pending to expand the service station to include a convenience store.

Will you miss Pam Kern from Harbor Heights? Leave your messages in the comment section below.

E.M. Maxx December 07, 2012 at 12:25 AM
Who made slanderous comments towards Greg????? Wasn't it local22 who first implied that Pam was selling something other than gas. That's slander.
E.M. Maxx December 07, 2012 at 12:27 AM
And only after that comment about Pam did other people make statements about what Greg does in his spare time.
Heather December 07, 2012 at 02:22 AM
If that is your attitude towards the people and the town. Please leave NOW. This is a small town and the COMMUNITY is responding to one of it's own, right or wrong and I'm not taking sides. I loved seeing Pam out there on holidays dressed festively and waving at cars passing. It has always been one of the habits that made us a community. Apparently you have no idea what "community" is. YOU local22 however are offensive. If you have no respect for people who do manual labor and think our town is "ignorant", please LEAVE.
john james December 07, 2012 at 02:35 PM
I would "LIKE" to thank "The Patch" for showing us all how cyber bulling works . Good job!
Henry Powderly December 07, 2012 at 03:52 PM
While we value having an open platform for community discussion, due to the personal attacks and at the request of those who feel harmed by the spirit of the discussion here we are closing comments on this article.


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