New Parking Design Proposal Unveiled Thursday

Rockville Centre parking garage design presented by Long Island Index as part of ParkingPLUS Design Challenge.

Preview of new RVC parking structure design proposal. (Photo: Heather Doyle)
Preview of new RVC parking structure design proposal. (Photo: Heather Doyle)
Long Island Index is unveiling new parking designs for Rockville Centre and several other towns as part of their ParkingPLUS Design Challenge.

"We're doing something very new for suburbs on Long Island. We're using our downtowns for growth," said Bruce Ratner, Executive Chairman of Forest City Ratner Companies. "We need to use and design our parking structures so they interact with our downtowns."

In Rockville Centre, designers proposed a parking structure that would function as both a place to park and a place to visit.

“During high demand times during the week, the ground level would be for parking. On lower demand days like weekends, the structure would transform into a place for markets, school events, and more” to draw the community into the area.

Utile designers looked at  the RVC LIRR structure and created a design to work with the pre-World War II column designs already in existence. By adding columns and arches, the design would be both functional and beautiful, they said.

Utile designers recognized the minimal space available for a parking structure, but said they had found places for 500-car structures.

Rockville Centre recently pulled back on an original plan for parking and went back to the drawing board after installing new concept parking meters.


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