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Business Q&A: The Happy Hostess

This local caterer has been helping residents throw parties for more than 60 years.

Having a party? wants to help.

Since 1945, the catering company has served the needs of the local community. With a wide array of buffet, sandwich and barbecue options, the kitchen is always busy. Located on Sunrise Highway, The Happy Hostess prides itself on quality service and exceptional flavor. Here, owner Jay Post explains what makes his customers happy.      

What are some of your most popular items?

Our specialty is chicken. We do roasted chicken, lemon-pepper chicken, fried chicken and hickory-smoked chicken. We make about 300 main dishes. They are oven-ready, prepared foods (that can be) picked up for lunch or dinner.   

How has the business changed in the last 10 years?

The economy didn’t help. But in reference to eating, (customers) are more concerned about health and watching what they eat. They’re very conscious of their weight and (eating) healthy food. We try to bend that way. We keep making new things and trying to make things that fit the younger crowd.  

What is your busiest time of year?

It’s the holidays. Anytime there’s a reason to party, (from) the Jewish holidays to Christmas, New Year’s, Mother’s Day or Fathers Day. Anytime there’s a reason to get the family together, that’s our busiest time.   

What do you like about operating in RVC?

It’s a town that takes care of their retailers. People that live in Rockville Centre shop in Rockville Centre. There’s not too many “mom and pop” stores around anymore. We pride ourselves on that. We’re open seven days a week and have some in-store specials. But, Rockville Centre is just a good town. The police department is incredible.  

What makes your business unique?

It’s a “mom and pop” store, (so) you can walk in here and get personal service. You don’t get that service in the big stores. I think that the hands-on, customer to salesperson service is the most important (aspect). We take pride in what we do. I think we keep getting better.  

*For more information on The Happy Hostess, click here


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