Business Q&A: Marketing Bytes

Local businesswoman looks to help companies expand their online presence.

Alison Gilbert is a media maven. Through her business, , the Rockville Centre resident strives to help businesses navigate the changing world of internet marketing. Here, she describes the many platforms of her multifaceted enterprise.  

Why did you decide to start Marketing Bytes?

I felt there was a need to offer services in the area of marketing. I had been a graphic designer for over three decades and I found that what people needed was broader than just graphic design and web design. They needed marketing consultants because each (marketing) piece, such as the website, logo, and (promotional) videos needed to be coordinated. If they are not, you can end up ‘wearing one black shoe and one brown shoe.' I felt there was a tremendous need for someone to be the conductor. It is important is to have one person coordinating everything, so there is a unified branding and marketing program.      

What kind of services do you offer?

I’ve gotten very involved in social media platforms that require a great deal of graphic design, knowledge, savvy, understanding and branding. Facebook (created) a new timeline for business on March 30. Most of the world is going insane because they have no idea how to set up the timeline. (I want to) help the (businesses) that are clueless and don’t understand that there are guidelines that need to be followed and that the (businesses) have given Facebook permission to remove the page if they don’t follow the guidelines..... I’ll do whatever customers need. I love setting up Facebook pages. If they want me to walk them through it, critique it, or set it up, I will do it. I try to be as flexible, accommodating and reasonable as I can. I try to work within their budget.        

How important is it for businesses to market themselves using Facebook and Twitter?

There is no one medicine that is the cure for what ails everyone. I’ve heard that some companies still do cold calling and put ads in the paper and yellow pages and are managing. It’s very expensive. If they have the kind of budget where they can do an analysis of their “return on investment", which most don’t bother to do, all I can say is ‘good for them.’ But, it’s not going to last for long.... We have a new generation that don’t use paper. They text. If a person is going to be a professional in the marketing industry, it’s incumbent upon them to keep up with the latest (technology). I’ve found that it’s become necessary to specialize in certain areas or certain platforms.     

How can companies contact you to utilize The Marketing Bytes services?

They can call me at 516-665-9034 or email me at info@marketingbytes.biz. People can also Google me. I take up about seven pages. I’m hard to miss.  

What can people find on your website?

The first page of the site is an introduction to who we are. It includes a mission statement and testimonials. It also includes links to my various social media platforms, posts on my blog and company recommendations.  

Alison Gilbert June 22, 2012 at 12:10 AM
Jordan, Thanks for the article you wrote about what I do. I hope the business community takes seriously what is going on. It is going to get tougher and tougher to sell without using the new online technology, social media marketing. We have no choice, social media is here to stay. We can bury our heads in the sand or face the light of day and make the most of it. The technology available to everyone is extraordinary and will continue to get even more so. I strongly suggest that business owners jump on the band wagon. Clients and customers will be younger and younger as time marches on. They live social media. If a business does not know their language, their selling message will fall on deaf ears and empty their cash registers. There may be a small window to climb out of but I would not even venture to guess how long that will last as technology just gathers more and more momentum. But I would not want to bet against the inevitability that all businesses will need social media marketing. If a business owner feels that it is too late for him or her to dive in, then finish out your years as a business owner using traditional advertising. But I don't know if your business will flourish until you are ready to retire doing things just the 'old fashioned' way.


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