The Fabric Shelf

Instruction and information for a do it yourself design that everyone can handle.

For a quick redesign of a corner or space on a wall, why not spice up a simple shelf? I happen to have some extra shelves lying around the house, so I decided to put one by my pantry area. I needed a little space to keep vitamins, pads and other small items. Since the wall was bare, I figured a shelf would do the trick.

You can do this project with any shelf, but raw wood will work best. Use any fabric you want. Even old shirts or pants would be cool to use. Have pillowcases or sheets you don't use anymore? Recycle them for this project. It takes about 10 minutes or less and you only need a few items to get the job done. Let's get to work!

Materials: fabric, scissors, stapler, ruler, pencil

Lay the fabric down on a flat surface with the good side down. Lay your shelf on top and cut around the shape leaving at least an inch. Use a ruler and a pencil to mark a straight line. If you're hanging the shelf high, you might want to cover as much of the wood as possible, so leave a good amount of fabric to work with.

You can purchase a ruler and pencils at  on Sunrise Highway or Merrick Road and on N. Village Avenue.

Take the fabric and pull it over the edges of the shelf tightly. You don't want it to look loose. Staple the fabric onto the shelf as you pull it over. 

If you don't have fabric to use try on Merrick Road and the on Sunrise Highway. Visit on N. Park Avenue to pick up a stapler if you don't have one.

Fold in the corners so they lay flat. Well, as flat as you can get them. Staple each fold so it's secure. Once you have done each corner, turn the shelf over and make sure the fabric is tight in all areas. You can also remove a staple to fix it, so no worries.

Hang it up and use it proudly. I told you it was easy! 


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