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RECAP: Pohevitz Makes it Through First Episode of 'Survivor'

Oceanside resident forms alliances on show's premiere.

Oceanside resident Allie Pohevitz has officially survived the first episode of CBS' hit show "Survivor."

The new season of "Survivor: Camaroan" premiered Wednesday night at 8 p.m., pitting fans against favorites.

Pohevitz, a member of the "fans" tribe, was paired with fellow fan Reynold Toepfer during the first challenge. With the fans down 3-1 to the favorites in a best-of-seven challenge, Pohevitz and Toepfer couldn't pull out the victory as the fans fell 4-1.

Pohevitz and Toepfer continued their pairing later in the episode as they discussed sticking together as an alliance throughout the season.

The duo got a little closer during the first night where the cameras spotted Pohevitz and Toepfer cuddling in the group's tent, but the move might get Pohevitz into trouble later on.

"Not a smart move," Pohevitz's tribe member Laura Alexander said. "Romantic alliances do not work on 'Survivor.' You're going to get targeted right away."

Pohevitz and Toepfer expanded the alliance within their tribe by adding Hope Driskill and Eddie Fox, referring to their group as the "cool kids' table" -- a move that was noticed by the rest of the tribe.

On the immunity challenge, the fans tribe came from behind, led by Toepfer, to grab immunity for the first round. The win meant that the fans tribe was safe and the favorites tribe had to send a member home.

After some double crossing, favorite Francesca Hogi was sent home.

Pohevitz continues her trek on "Survivor: Caramoan" next Wednesday at 8 p.m.


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