11 Things People Want To See Happen in Rockville Centre in 2014

Business, beautification, safety, and road repairs top readers' wishes for 2014.

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On Thursday we asked Rockville Centre Patch readers a simple question on Facebook: "What do you want to see happen in the Rockville Centre in 2014?"

Here's what you said:
  1. More parking.
  2. More farmers markets or small merchant possibilities.
  3. Like a sharpening service like was there in front of Dawson's on Wednesdays.
  4. Fix the road on Maple Ave!!
  5. Beautify the downtown area including streets, lights, storefronts.
  6. Fill all the empty storefronts! It's looking sad.
  7. Fix our street Locust Ave. and Maple Ave. finally.
  8. Get tough on crime. Let's see a police presence.
  9. Build a new hockey rink at Hickey field and name it after and dedicate it to Scott Durkin who helped run the hockey league there for years, keeping kids off the streets before smarts phones, and put something where the RKO Twin was, that's just depressing.
  10. Beautify downtown, add more bike racks, have a police presence in neighborhoods on weekend nights. I would love to see some health eateries as well.
  11. Fix the eye-sore/hazard park fence that has been falling over since Superstorm Sandy @ N. Forest & Sunrise Hwy.
What's on your 2014 wishlist for Rockville Centre? Post in the comment box below.
Andrew P. Karamouzis January 14, 2014 at 11:35 PM
Joe- I am offended by your comments and your blind defense of Ed Oppenheimer. You obviously don't know the facts. I am the parent of one the children who was harassed by Ed Oppenheimer. First, they were on school property and not on Village Property. Second, they were not trespassing, Third, they were not bothering anyone - they were minding their own business. Fourth, Ed Oppenheimer bullied the Auxiliary Police Chief into allowing him to go on a "ride along" on Halloween night despite the fact that he has no law enforcement training and should not have been in that police car in the first place. Fifth, Oppenheimer, pretending to be a police officer, harassed these kids and engaged in illegal search and seizure and violated their constitutional rights as well as a few other laws. By the way, all the kids were respectful and complied with everything that was asked of them although he was dead wrong and was violating their rights. In short, Ed was nothing more than a bully. If I or any if the other parents had wanted to sue Oppenheimer and the Village, we could have easily done so and would have prevailed (at the expense of our fellow Village taxpayers). But instead, all that we asked for was a simple apology to the kids - Oppenheimer flatly refused, which only further reinforced his true character or lack thereof. Rather than drag the kids through the ringer and have to deal with loud mouth, bully Oppenheimer, we decided to take the high road and let the matter drop. Those are the facts.
That RVC guy January 15, 2014 at 12:10 AM
Kriss Tenn..do you like Gladiator movies? -
joe thrapp January 15, 2014 at 12:29 AM
Andy, like everybody else including you and I, who were not there at the time of the incident on that Halloween night on the Covert school grounds. I only believe anything said by the people who were there. Anyone else s story is open to interpretation and discussion. I know you and Ed and I have the highest respect for both of you. I still do not believe that Ed touched any of the children or assaulted then at the Covert School that night because that would be a crime. I would have expected the Auxiliary Policeman that was there would have reported any criminal activity to the police. Unlike you I am not a lawyer and if I understood my civics lessons, then the Constitutional guarantee for unlawful search and seizures are extended to adults and not necessarily extend to children. Anyway I never heard anything about the auxiliary policeman or Ed confiscating anybody's trick or treat bag. On a personal level if you as a father of one of the children believe they were harmed and it did not warrant a suit against the village. Then I believe you are well within the boundaries of asking for an apology. In the area of fairness, if Ed believed he didn't do anything then he did not need to apologize. I respect his right not to give one. Andy, you put me in an awkward position of speaking out on behalf of Ed. I would never expect to hear you say that anyone was a loud mouth bully who lacks character because he does not agree with you. My only intention of blogging here was to talk about what improvements I would like to see in our village. I only wish I was smart enough not to answer Willies blind attack on Ed. I am sad that you are offended by what I have written here.
Kris Tenn January 15, 2014 at 07:36 AM
That RVC guy is a tool
Will Munny January 15, 2014 at 07:50 AM
Well said Andy! Thank you for setting Joe Bush...oops,I mean Joe Thrapp straight.


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