The Season Winding Down

  The Season Winding Down

         With the Spartan's Ice Hockey  Season winding down,and finding myself behind on recapping the games.I have decided to wrap up all 3 games into one article.
         Let's start with the March 7th game against the Wantagh/Seaford team. When ever you have a rescheduled game you surely can expect some quirks.It all started with our ref's coming late,but at least they showed up.Then we have no official scorer and no one to run the time clock and scoreboard. Thanks to our volunteer photographer,Olaf Straube we now have our unofficial,official score board keeper.He was accompanied by a Wantagh/Seaford parent who kept the scoring records for the league.They both did a wonderful job without a hitch.Now that all the pre-game prep has been set in place,let's get on with the game.Getting right to business the Spartan's started off with no quirks of their own,scoring 6 unanswered goals to end the second period.Starting the third took a different tone with the Wantagh/Seaford team scoring 5 of their own.The Spartan's team decide to take a time out to regroup. After that they proceed to score 2 more goals making the final score Spartan's 8 and Wantagh/Seaford 5.
        Moving on to the March 11th game at the Bethpage Arena facing the tough Cold Spring Harbor team.I have not seen a game go back and fourth like this all season.The only way to recap this game is as follows.RVC scores 1 and CSH scores 1,now multiply the RVC score by 8 and the CSH score by 10 and that's your final.The game ended with a total of 18 goals not to mentioned a total of 12 penalties,with lack luster defensive support from both teams.
         The final game of the season was played at the Long Beach Arena against the Oceanside Sailors last Sunday Night.It was good to see some of my old players from the roller hockey days and ice hockey days at Newbridge.Player's like Justin Brooks and Justin Denni from both roller hockey and ice hockey and also Schaun Famularo,and Steven and Thomas DeStefanies who played at Newbridge. It's great to see player's growing up you haven't seen in a while improve on their skating and game play.I especially got a charge out of watching two close friends Justin Brooks and Tony Marco competing against one another.I watched as Tony pursed the puck in his own end of the ice with Justin right on his back both skating at full speed.From their Tony got the puck and skated behind his net along the boards,while Justin kept up his fierce pursuit  of Tony.Tony continued to skate to his own blue line,then the red line with Justin right on his back.This kind of friendly competition is great for youth hockey and fun to watch. Unfortunately for the Oceanside Sailor's they lost the game 7-2.
         Now that the season is over our record is 13-6-2 with 28 points. Unfortunately we have a dispute about a forfeit loss that's on our record that we are still trying to resolve.Back on January 29th the game vs Manhasett was postponed due to the lack of Spartan's player's.Coach George had notified the Manhasett Coach early that morning that we did not have enough player's for tonight's game.The result was a forfeit and considered a loss until the game can be played at a later date. Coach George has made numerous attempt's to reschedule the game with several dates available to play.The Manhasett coach has made no attempt to replay this game in any way and he obviously does not care.Our feeling here is if you don't want to play the game you should forfeit and give us the 2 points instead.We would then have 30 points instead of 28 and make our seeding in the play-offs a lot different.The whole matter will likely be up to the league, but as of today we have not heard a thing.

                                                                    Tony Marco,George Barrett

                                                                     Managers/Coaches-RVC Ice Hockey Club


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