With another week of above normal temperatures expected for the Long Island area, the Village of Rockville Centre Electric Department is offering tips to stay cool and conserve energy during this period of excessive heat.  While the Village has more than an adequate supply of power, conservation, especially during these heat waves is good for the environment and good for the consumer’s pocketbook.  In addition, the Village is part of the statewide grid and much of our energy is imported from other parts of the state.  It’s important for the reliability of our imports that we conserve wherever possible.  To that end the Village offers the following tips: - Set your thermostat to no lower than 78 degrees. - Program your thermostat to give your air conditioner a break when no one is home.  Set a timer to turn on your air conditioner no more than 30 minutes prior to when you expect to be back home.

- Close the blinds to block sunlight, especially south and west facing windows. Rooms get hotter without shades or curtains. - Use fans at night to bring in cooler night-time air that can pre-cool a house and reduce energy use in the daytime if heat is kept out by closing windows and shades. - Turn non-essential appliances off. - Only use heavy appliances early in the morning or very late at night. - Visit Cooling Centers.  The Village of Rockville Centre will have cooling centers in operation during the week of July 15 through the 19th, (9am to 5pm).   Our two (2) cooling center locations are as follows:

John A. Anderson Recreation Center
111 North Oceanside Road
Rockville Center, NY
(516) 678-9238

The Leonard S. Sandel Senior Center
50 South Park Avenue
Rockville Centre, NY
(516) 678-9350


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