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I was a life-long Democrat. But recently I have been troubled by some of the "Democratic" activities in Nassau County. I recently got my absentee ballot for the Democratic Primary for 4th District Congress. My first thought was to toss the ballot, but I realized my vote might do some good.

The Primary choices are Kathleen Rice and Kevan Abrahams. I used to respect Rice's work until the past year or so. But I looked up Kevan Abrahams and some caution flags went up.

So, I'm hoping you folks can provide some input for me. At this point, my only thought is to write someone in, just as a whimper against the machine- though I'm not sure who. I thought I'd pose this question in my "home-town" Long Beach Patch and possibly a couple of others nearby. I'll delete this post if it turns out to be a bad idea.

Thanks for any ideas. Radical thoughts are welcome, but no obscenities please.
joe thrapp June 02, 2014 at 02:44 PM
Write in a choice. I am a register Republican. I feel the same way about the candidates in the 4th congressional. I wish there was a new party like a Democratic/Republican party for all the people who can work together and cross the aisle to get the peoples business done.
Bob West June 02, 2014 at 05:30 PM
@joe thrapp - thanks for the comment. You made me realize that in my original post I mistakenly wrote they were candidates for "District Attorney." In fact, they are the Democratic candidates for the 4th CD Congress, same one you're talking about. This is even more pathetic. Yes, considering your assessment, a write-in must be the only choice. Wouldn't it be amazing if a write-in could take a lot of votes- *any* write in!!! Of course, it could never happen, but it's a nice dream.


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